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The Many Benefits of Operating a SERVPRO Franchise

2/24/2021 (Permalink)

Mold growth on wall If you have found mold damage in your business, SERVPRO can respond immediately.

If you are currently looking to become part of a successful business model, a SERVPRO franchise offers a lot of potential. It begins with being part of a team that helps people in trouble all across the North American continent. Highly-trained specialists respond to companies and homeowners who have experienced a flood, fire or some other type of disaster. You will be part of a valuable community resource. Also, you will be part of a company that offers many benefits to you personally. As emergency restoration services go, this franchise is always at the top of the cleanup and restoration industry's top places to work.

A List of Benefits

Operating a SERVPRO franchise in Estero, FL means that you will always have meaningful work for your community. Weather disasters, fires and mold outbreaks are a part of life. You will also belong to a company that offers many significant advantages:

  • A positive company culture
  • A team of professional workers
  • A company that is locally owned
  • A critical mission to help others
  • A successful business model for 53 years

While you will have flexibility, you won't be on your own. You will have access to wide-ranging corporate resources that contribute to your success.

A Variety of Options

You can decide which role is best for you, whether it is working as a certified specialist, taking on the role of a manager or owning your own franchise. Each option brings you into a company that started in 1967 and is still going strong. Perhaps one of the best things about the franchise is the strong relationships that have been developed over the years with customers, homeowners, insurance companies and other organizations. These relationships have been strengthened by a focus on excellence and adherence to best practices in the restoration industry.
Opportunities to become part of the SERVPRO franchise mission can be a positive step. You can decide which role suits you best.

5 Absolute Musts for Cleaning Sewer Damage

2/17/2021 (Permalink)

Side view portrait of two workers wearing biohazard suits working at waste processing plant sorting recyclable plastic on con The highly infested water should not be touched or handled without proper PPE.

Five Essential Steps To Getting The Place Back In Business

Toilet overflows and backups bring water onto the premises and contaminate the location with Category three fluid. Fraught with bacteria and fungus, this liquid penetrates structural materials, making the property in Bonita Springs, FL, hazardous to employees and customers. To sanitize the establishment, commercial owners must complete a thorough sewer cleanup.

1. Understand the Depth of the Problem
Moisture isn't always visible, especially when a sewer backup seeps into the ground or walls. Use a moisture reader to determine the extent of the saturation. Draw a line a few feet above the current readings to guide your next stages. It's best to treat more of the area to ensure cleaning is sufficient.

2. Remove Soaked Structures
Spores harbor deep within porous objects, especially drywall and carpet, making sewer cleanup difficult. Cleaners such as bleach and soap do not absorb well; thus, they cannot eradicate the organisms. It's best to extract anything drenched to safeguard the space from future growth. Replace it after you complete the rest of the stages.
Be careful during these evaluations. The highly infested water should not be touched or handled without proper PPE. Wear gloves, protective clothing and goggles at all times.

3. Consult Content Cleaning Crews
The flooded toilet may have impacted other rooms as the moisture permeated into an office or retail space. If the dampness affected vital electronics and documents, reach out to a water restoration company. The specialists can use sophisticated technology to sanitize and salvage the belongings.

4. Air Everything Out
A dry room inhibits spore growth, so create adequate circulation with air movers or fans. Run multiple dehumidifiers to pull humidity from the air and framework. Test the moisture levels again before proceeding.

5. Wash Nonporous Items
Care for nonabsorbent valuables by washing them with soap and water. Also, apply bleach or an antimicrobial spray to kill lingering germs.
Work swiftly and carefully when dealing with a commercial sewer cleanup. Focus on gutting sullied materials and airing out the location. The right steps get your operations back up and running.

What You Need to Know About Mold

2/3/2021 (Permalink)

Green mold growth on wall Mold typically begins to grow within 24 to 48 hours in an untreated moist environment

What Is Mold?

If your business' building has suffered from any type of water damage, be it a broken pipe or a typical Coconut, FL, flood, you know how challenging the restoration process can be. What you may not know is that the true danger lies ahead in the form of fungi like black mold, also known as Stachybotrys, which can grow on almost any surface with a moisture problem. The most common types of mold include:

  • stachybotrys
  • mucor
  • fusarium
  • cladosporium
  • chaetomium
  • aureobasidium
  • alternaria

What Is Mold?
Mold is a category of fungus, a small organism that exists almost everywhere in the world. It can have a wide variety of appearances, from fuzzy to slimy and everything in between, and can appear in a range of colors, such as white, black, orange, purple, and green.

Where Does Mold Come From?
Mold spores, which are the equivalent of plants' seeds, are floating through the air almost everywhere around us, searching for a hospitable new home. They can land on almost any type of surface but especially thrive in moist and dark areas. They grow at an incredibly rapid pace, so it is crucial to catch a new black mold growth right away.

How Do You Get Rid of Mold?
Even if you wipe away all the mold you can see, countless spores inevitably remain embedded into the surface on which they were growing. This means that home cleanup efforts are rarely effective at keeping the mold away for good. The most important step to take if you notice any mold growths in your building is to halt any water damage if possible, and then call your local mold cleanup experts. Professional techniques and equipment can exterminate the mold spores altogether, ensuring that they won't just grow back the next day.
Black mold spores can begin to spread within 24-48 hours of water damage, and the longer you let them grow unchecked, the more difficult mold cleanup will be, so don't wait to take action.

What To Do If You Do Not Have Flood Insurance

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

FEMA US Homeland Security Citizen and Immigration Services Flyer Closeup FEMA offers several kinds of grants

Water can quickly enter your Estero, FL, house during a major storm. Even if you do have homeowners' insurance, your policy likely does not include flood coverage. Luckily, those without flood insurance can still apply for a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Types of Grants

FEMA offers several kinds of grants. They can assist with:

  • Home repairs
  • Personal property losses
  • Funeral, dental or medical costs
  • Vehicle repair or replacement
  • Temporary housing
  • Rent

The home repair grant should help you pay for initial emergency restoration services that make your house safe, secure, habitable, and sanitary. However, the government will not cover the costs of returning your home to its pre-flood condition.
You will not have to repay the grant money that you spend. However, you must keep your receipts to prove that the money was used to repair your home. Any money that was not spent was spent on alternative purposes or cannot be documented via receipts will have to be returned to the government.

Eligibility Requirements
Anyone who lives in a county that has been designated a disaster area is eligible for a grant. Even if you have flood insurance, you can use the grant for excess expenses that insurance does not cover.
Renters and college students qualify for grants, as well. Applicants do not need to be under a certain income threshold, either. However, you or a member of your household must be a citizen, non-citizen national, or qualified alien.

Application Process
If you believe you are eligible for a grant, you can apply at or call 800-462-7585. FEMA will then send a letter notifying you of its decision. Those who were denied eligibility can file an appeal in writing within 60 days of receiving the letter.
Depending on the flood plane of your local stream, even a relatively minor storm can cause large consequences for your property. That is why the government offers assistance to those without flood insurance.

How to Fix a Leaking Faucet

1/7/2021 (Permalink)

Leaking tap Don't let your leaking faucet lie; it could be causing more damage than you think

How to Fix a Leaking Faucet

You've noticed that there's a slow drip from the faucet in the kitchen at your home in Coconut, FL. The handle is all the way off, but it's definitely dripping. You shrug and let it go since it's so minor. Unfortunately, what starts as a slow leak can turn into a quick drip in short order, driving up your water bills and wasting a lot of water. Fortunately, a leaking faucet is easily corrected.

1. Shut Off the Water
When you go to fix a dripping faucet, it's important to turn off the water at the source. Otherwise, you could cause large amounts of water to gush from your faucet, leaving you with a much bigger mess.

2. Stopper the Drain
You wouldn't want small parts of the faucet, such as screws, to fall down the drain. Pull the drain stopper to save yourself the hassle.

3. Investigate the Faucet Type
There are 3 common types of faucet: a cartridge faucet, a ball faucet, and a ceramic-disk faucet. Each has a slightly different set of mechanics and requires different parts. Once you've determined what type of faucet you have, your best bet is to take it apart and take the small pieces that need to be replaced to the hardware store to ensure that you get the correct pieces. After that, reassembly should be fairly simple.
Once you believe you have a fixed leak, you can turn the water back on and test the faucet. Hopefully, it's not dripping anymore. If it is, you may have a different problem. A long-occurring leaking faucet can cause your pipes to back up or clog, which could lead to significant water damage. A leak can also ruin the sealant around the faucet, causing further water damage which could lead to a mold problem. If you think that your faucet leak has been going on for a long time, your best bet will be to call a local water damage repair specialist to fully assess the problem.
Don't let your leaking faucet lie; it could be causing more damage than you think.

Addressing Smoke Damage After a Fire at Your Business

1/7/2021 (Permalink)

Inside of a building damaged by fire The aftermath of a fire in Bonita Springs, FL

A fire can lead to devastating consequences for your business in Bonita Springs, FL. Although flames can be highly destructive, smoke damage can lead to costly repairs before you can resume operating. After emergency responders extinguish the fire, a professional fire restoration service can begin the cleaning process.

Flames Lead To Other Types of Damage

A fire can cause soot damage resulting in dark stains affecting various parts of your office's interior, including:

  • Walls and ceilings
  • Carpets and upholstery
  • Wood and metal surfaces

Smoke can also cause lingering odors that are difficult to remove from the air and objects.

Soot Removal
Wet or dry soot is a byproduct of the burning of natural and synthetic materials. Soot can include tiny particles of metal, acid, and various chemicals that become attached to the fibers or molecules of furnishings and structural elements or linger in the air. Improper attempts to address this severe form of smoke damage can lead to irreversible consequences. For example, it is necessary to know how and when to use wet cleaning methods for oily soot to avoid spreading it further into an object or structure. For dry soot, experienced professionals apply various dry cleaning methods that incorporate vacuums with sensitive HEPA filters. Air scrubbing is also necessary to ensure the proper removal of soot that penetrates the air after a fire or vacuum cleaning.

Odor Removal
Pungent odor is inevitable following a fire, and it can be challenging to address. In addition to sanitizing the air using air scrubbers, knowledgeable cleaning professionals know how to apply ozone and hydroxyl generators to effectively and efficiently eliminate stubborn odors. Odor elimination is vital to ensure a comfortable and pleasant environment for your employees or customers.
During the aftermath of a fire at your business in Bonita Springs, FL, you may feel overwhelmed by the smoke cleaning process. A professional fire restoration company can handle the job to ensure your business's speedy recovery.

Clogged Pipe? Tips on Using a Snake

12/23/2020 (Permalink)

Clogged sink pipe. Clogged pipe?

Dealing with a clogged drain in your Coconut, FL, home is frustrating and could lead to unexpected water damage or a pipe break that requires a water damage and restoration expert. A snake drain is a common tool to unclog drains, but it isn’t always as simple of a process as it might seem

Types of Snakes

Before running to the hardware store, it is good to know the different types of tools available. There are three main types of snakes.

Manual Cable – The most common and basic type, it is often referred to as a top or drum snake. Available in 25- to 50-foot lengths, they are basically a cable with a hook on the end.
Flat Tape – Similar to the first style, this one is designed for pipes smaller than 2 inches. Depending on the style, some push debris forward instead of pulling it out.
Motorized – If having to use manpower isn’t your style, powered options are available. Many are made to attach to a power tool head.

Any of the above are designed for clogged drains, such as sinks and bathtubs.

Basic Steps
Before reaching for a tool to fix a stopped drain, knowing the basic procedures is essential. While it’s always a good idea to read the manufacturer’s recommendations, below are basic steps to follow:

  • Remove drain screens or hair trap coverings.
  • As you slowly push the snake into the drain, rotate the handle clockwise.
  • Typically within a few feet there will noticeable resistance. Try to hook the clog while still turning handle clockwise.
  • Carefully pull the snake out of the drain changing the direction of your rotation.
  • Once removed, run water to test that the pipe is clear.

Depending on the extent of the problem, this process may need to be repeated.
A clogged drain is bound to happen but understanding the tools to clear is important to know beforehand.

How To Identify and Remove Mildew in Your Home

12/23/2020 (Permalink)

A professional disinfector in overalls processes the walls from mold. Mold removal services in Bonita Springs, FL

You sometimes hear "mold" and "plant mildew" used interchangeably. However, they are not the same thing. Mold can destroy ceilings, drywall and other parts of your Bonita Springs, FL, home. It should thus only be handled by professionals. Mildew, however, only appears on plants and is easier to remove.

How To Know If a Fungus Is Mildew or Mold

Mildew is a specific type of mold. It is usually white or gray in color and looks splotchy or powdery. Mildew can appear on:

  • Flowers
  • Fruits
  • Buds

Mold, meanwhile, is a generic term that describes more than 1.5 million species. All of them require a organic substance and moisture to grow. Unlike plant mildew, mold can be many different colors and appear on a variety of surfaces.
While mildew growth can occur on indoor plants, you otherwise do not see this fungus in your home. Do not trust a home inspector who claims that the spores on your wall or in your basement are just mildew. The spores are probably molded unless they are white or gray and appear on a plant.
Any purported inspector or restoration expert who confuses mold with mildew likely does not have the skills required to address the spores in your home. If you do find a possible infestation, be sure to hire mold cleanup professionals who understand the fungus.

How To Remove Mildew
While mildew will not destroy your home, it can kill or weaken your plants. You should use a garden mildewcide to remove the fungus. Do not utilize mold removal products, as they will probably destroy the plant. To be safe, you may also want to cut away all of the infected parts of the plant.
Removing plant mildew is fairly safe and easy. Eliminating mold from your home, however, is far more complicated. While you can clean mildew on your own, mold should only be addressed by trained professionals who know the difference between these fungi.

3 Ways To Protect Your Employees During Mold Removal

12/17/2020 (Permalink)

Finger of a woman turning off an air conditioning Turn off fans and AC units if you see visible mold

Discovering dangerous levels of mold at your business in Bonita Springs, FL, is harrowing. Your building's structure and employees are at risk, so it's essential to take the right steps. After calling mold remediation experts, focus on what you can do as a business owner.

Here Are Three Ways To Protect Your Workers During The Mold Removal Process

1. Evacuate the Building
If possible, it may be best to simply evacuate the building. This helps ensure the safety of your employees during the removal process. Even if this isn't an option for your business, consider letting the most vulnerable employees leave and work from home. Staying away from possible exposure is likely to benefit your company in the long-term. If you're wondering how to determine when evacuation is wise, here are a few warning signs:

  • Musty smells
  • Leaking water
  • Patches of colors or stains

2. Turn Off Air Systems
You may think that the building HVAC system would be useful in mold removal, but it can potentially lead to more issues once growth has taken hold. There could be black mold in one of the related mechanisms or the ducts, which means running the system would only serve to spread the spores. Think of it as containment. Turning off your HVAC system ensures that nothing gets worse until help arrives.

3. Spread Information
Your employees can't be kept in the dark regarding mold growth. Letting everyone know the correct procedures helps prevent problems. One way to do this is by putting up warning signs. Any areas with high levels of mold should be clearly marked. You may also send out regular information through an e-mail or group message. Whatever your method, check up on your workers and ensure the information has been spread.
Mold removal is a difficult process, but it doesn't need to be a risky one. Make safety a priority. If you handle this with care, your business can be back to normal soon enough.

What To Do With Water-Damaged Documents

12/17/2020 (Permalink)

No picture available Wet documents are a huge hassle for companies

Here Are Ways To Save Your Documents After Water Damage

If your Bonita Springs, FL, business suffers water damage, you may find yourself dealing with wet documents in addition to soaked carpets and other issues. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to save these documents.

Document restoration is generally a two step process: cleaning and drying. Oftentimes, documents are contaminated with mold or bacteria during flooding. A technique called gamma irradiation is used to kill any microorganisms present on the document. Prior to cleaning, documents are dried using one of the following methods:

  • Freezer drying
  • Air drying
  • Dehumidification
  • Vacuum freeze drying
  • Vacuum thermal drying

The best document drying technique will depend on the document composition and extent of damage. An experienced restoration company can determine the right approach to restore your wet documents to usable condition.

Although document restoration can salvage many items, not every document will be fully legible afterward. This means that your business may lose valuable information, so it is a good idea to safeguard your most critical papers. Keep insurance papers, contracts, etc. in a waterproof document bag or safe. Consider making copies and keeping them in a secure location off-site. Waterproof filing cabinets are available for companies with high volumes of important paperwork. If you choose to digitize documents, remember to find secure locations for the hard drives, flash drives, etc. Cloud storage, which allows businesses to access their information from anywhere via the internet, is an option for many companies.
If some of your documents do get wet, it is important to act quickly to prevent further damage. Get the papers away from the water as soon as possible. Depending on other factors present, mold can begin to grow within a day or two, making the documents more difficult to restore.
Wet documents are a huge hassle for companies. Fortunately, most documents can be protected from water damage and many can be restored after the fact.